At Sunderland Technology Solutions (STS) we don’t just fix computers; we resolve computing issues for real PEOPLE. We are dedicated to listening carefully to your needs before proposing solutions personalized to YOUR specific circumstances and communicating in a friendly, non-technical manner. Our goal is to provide to our small business and individual clients prompt, professional responses and implementing cost-effective solutions efficiently and definitively. Our business is IT so yours doesn’t have to be.


Remote Support

STS can solve most computing problems remotely using encrypted and secure LogMeIn© technology. Your problems can be diagnosed within minutes and most issues solved same day. Networking glitches, printer problems, crashes, freeze-ups, computer viruses and malware, and many other problems can be solved remotely and instantly. Pricing for remote support is very competitive and can be as little as $39.


STS has over 12 years experience providing complete IT support for small businesses in Southern California. Networking, computer repair, network security, server maintenance, software deployment and maintenance are just the beginning of what we do. We also assist small business in development of an IT plan that is flexible and customized to the needs and budget of YOUR business and we take all the hassle out of deciding what to buy and from whom at what price and with what features.


Many problems arise from computer viruses and malware and our staff are expert at diagnosing and removing viruses remotely. We also assist you to find the Anti Virus solution that best suits YOU.


Basic computer repair is the backbone of our business and we can diagnose and repair computers far faster and more efficiently than any “Big Box” retail repair center. Our specialty is “door-to-door” service. This means far more than simply pickup and delivery. This means that we are careful to ASK YOU what files and programs on your broken computer are important to YOU before we begin so we can make appropriate backups first. After repairs are completed, we work with you to restore your files and settings and programs and drivers and email until you are fully up and running.


At STS we have extensive experience supporting many popular software packages, and some industry-specific software. While we may not be experts in the uses and features of every software package, we are experts in installing, troubleshooting and maintenance of most any type of software.


At STS we believe EVERYONE should have access to personalized, inexpensive IT support. No problem is “too small” if it is YOURS! Our professional staff is patient, courteous, and never “talks down” to you. We easily translate “technology-speak” into plain English and understand that even “small” problems frustrate productivity.